F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black

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JOYOR F5 001
  • F5 31 Miles Folding Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • Joyor Electric Scooter
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Folding Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • Joyor Electric Scooter
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black
  • F5 31 Miles Long-Range Electric Scooter - Black



JOYOR F5 | 31 MILES | 13000mAh | 500W | 48V | PREMIUM ELECTRIC SCOOTER  

Designed to impress at the office, across campus or around the neighborhood, the Joyor F5 electric scooter combines sleek style with electric efficiency to bring a new level of sophistication to every ride.  The Joyor F5 premium electric scooter will have you cruising or commuting, where permitted, in style at speeds up to 23.6 mph. Joyor offers a great selection of high-end electric scooters to American customers! All of our electric scooters deliver an extraordinary experience in Safety, Riding and Quality! Save big on our best price ever this year, manufacturer direct. No tax and free shipping. FedEx fast delivery to the 48 contiguous United States.


  • High Configuration Parts Inside, Ultra High Performance

  • High-quality Battery Cells Inside, 13000mAh, 48V

  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Learn.Works as Simple as It Looks

  • Minimally Designed. Uniform Geometric Design Elements

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame. Weighs Just 31.9 Lbs 

  • Ultra-Bright Headlights. Red Taillights for Braking

  • Multiple Functions Control Panel to Change Mode

  • Power Button Controls. Controlled Acceleration

  • Folds in 3 Easy Steps. Simple Folding Levers

  • Powerful German Technology Motors, 500W

  • 29.9-31 miles Long-Range Battery Life

  • Made For Comfort. Curved Pedal Board

  • USB Charging Port for Mobile Devices


  • Powered with 500W Motor, Reach Max Speed 23.6 mph

  • High-quality Battery Cells Inside, 13000mAh, 48V

  • LCD Display for Battery Life, Travel Distance and Speed

  • 29.9-31 miles Long-Range Battery Life


Battery Capacity: 13000mAh

Battery Voltage: 48V

Motor Type: 500W DC Brushless Motor

Travel Distance: 31 miles

Weight: 31.9 Lbs

Dimension (Upright): 44.8*21.2*38.5 inches

Dimension (Folded): 14.9*7.1*34.6 inches

Maximum Speed: 23.6 mph

Tire Type: 8” Air Front Tire/Solid Rear Tire

Charging time: 8-10 hours

Max load: 265 Lbs

Speed Level Options: Three Speed (7.25 / 14.5 / 23.6 mph)


Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Capacity: 13000mAh

Battery Voltage: 48V

Charging Time: Around 480-600 minutes


Motor Type: German Technology DC Brushless Motors

Motor Power: 500W


Travel Distance: 29.9 - 31 miles on a single charge


Assembled Electric Scooter, 4 x Screws, Hexagon Wrench, Charging Adapter, User Manual, Legal Statement, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card


The F5's beautiful large round information and control panel with large LCD gives you freedom to easily monitor and control your adventures aboard the F5. A lot of attention has been given to the safe operation of your F5. The new design and multiple functions make your riding experience much safer and comfortable.

Long-Range Battery with Smart Power Management

Several 18650 high-capacity lithium batteries deliver up to 31 miles of travel on a single charge. Smart battery management via the LCD displays the health of the battery pack and notifies you immediately if there are issues.

  • Double Protection from Overdischarging
  • Double Protection from Overcharging
  • Undervoltage Auto-Sleep Protection
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection

Works as Simple as It Looks

Every aspect of the F5 is crafted with simplicity in mind. The scooter frame, components and accessories use the same geometric design language that puts usability and the user at the front. A single button kicks the scooter to life and the red design accents add modernity. The F5 is made to look right, and feel right.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame

The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which has a low density and high structural strength. It also has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance for added durability. At just 26.9 lbs, the F5 is a great portable size and weight for carry-ons and for maneuvering stairs and pavements.

Controlled Acceleration

Give the accelerator a gentle downward push and adjust the amount of pressure until you reach a comfortable speed.

Ultra-Bright Headlights

Headlights are essential for night riding, yet not all scooters have them. The F5 features an ultra-bright 1.1W headlights with a range of up to 6 meters for added safety.

Red Taillights for Braking

Red taillights flash distinctly while braking as a warning to other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

Shock-Absorbing Tires for a Smoother Ride

The large 8-inches front and rear tires have great shock absorption and anti-slip treads. Coupled with a 500W brushless DC motor for stable power output, The F5 is set to deliver a smoother riding experience. 

Cruise Control Technology

Using the core cruise control technology in cars, our electric scooter uses a unique algorithm that receives signal input from speed sensors to maintain smooth and stable cruise control. This reduces tension and fatigue for riders, as well as optimizes battery for longer rides. Cruise control not recommended above speeds of 15.5 mph, on curved paths, heavy traffic conditions, or during rainy and snowy conditions.


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Wherever you buy goods from or from any Joyor outlet or Distributor's store, you have 24 months to request repairs or replacement if any vehicle turns out to be faulty or are not as advertised. During the warranty period if any vehicle is found to have a manufacturer defect, we will repair or replace the defective part(s). If a product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time, you may request a refund or price reduction.

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Specifications & Features

Max Speed:
23.6 mph
Travel Distance:
29.9 - 31 miles
13000mAh / 48V
Battery Life:
If no water gets inside the battery, life of the battery is up to 3 years in generally
Operating Temperature:
14 - 104 degrees F (recommend 50-86 degrees F)
Max Load:
286 Lbs
Charging Voltage:
AC110~240V, 50-60HZ
Charging Time:
Around 480-600 Mins
44.8*21.2*38.5 inches
14.9*7.1*34.6 inches
Shipping Weight:
38.5 Lbs
Vehicle Weight:
31.9 Lbs
Over Charge Protection:
Built-in over charge protection system. Auto power off when fully charged.
Output Power:
What's In The Package:
1 x Joyor F5 Scooter , 1 x User's Manual, 1 x Charger
Tire Size:
Diameter--8 inches
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    A bit heavy but goes fast

    Posted by Hillock on May 22nd 2021

    I bought this for my 16 yr old and it's going to take practice. It's a bit heavy but does go quick
    I had to get her pads and a new helmet for it just incase

  • 5
    Perfect for my commute!

    Posted by Brodog on Apr 26th 2021

    Scooter is great for price I couldn’t find anything better I think reaches full speeds for me and I am a hefty guy not too big bought it for my commute

  • 4
    My first e scooter. I did some research before buying. I thinking it’s worth the performs like it should. It’s a little lazy uphill. I weight 223lbs. With a backpack. Good purchase overalll.

    Posted by Guillermo Smith on May 1st 2020

    I wrote above.

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis on Apr 18th 2019

    Great product, reliable, durable. The only issue, it could have had 2 chargers. One for home, one for the office

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